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Hair and Beard transplantation is now one step away from you!

We are proud of being one of the leading companies in hair and beard transplantation, which we have been in for years, with our specialist physicians, qualified health workers and superior technology. As Alfonso Hair Clinic, we have happily sent off many guests from our clinic and our country with our customer satisfaction-oriented working principle that we have established since the first day. We are happy to welcome our guests who do not want to deal with hair and beard problems in our clinic, where we work on the axis of results and satisfaction, without hesitation and without hesitation...

We Determine the Most Suitable Hair Transplant Procedure for You

At Alfonso Hair Clinic we offer a range of revolutionary hair restoration treatments that deliver results that look completely natural.

Hair Transplant

Dhi Hair Transplantation is a direct hair transplantation application applied with an implanter pen, it is also known by names such as Choi pen technique and unshaven hair transplantation. Although it is essentially based on the FUE technique, DHI hair transplantation is partially considered as a new hair transplantation technique. The biggest difference from FUE is that in hair transplantation with the DHI technique, the channel does not need to be opened before the hair follicles are transplanted. In hair transplantation performed with the DHI hair transplantation technique, the grafts taken from the donor area are directly transplanted into the recipient area.

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Sapphire Hair Transplant

Sapphire hair transplantation is an advanced version of the FUE technique, which allows us to achieve the most natural results in hair transplantation with the possibility of more frequent hair transplantation. Transplanting the largest number of grafts possible in the best way is one of the important criteria for success in hair transplantation. The transplanted hair should be seen as often as possible and should look so natural that it is never understood that it is a hair transplant.

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Fue Hair Transplant

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. The FUE technique also forms the basis of all techniques used in hair transplant operations. When we say hair transplantation, we technically talk about FUE hair transplantation. In other words, we mean that the hair follicles are taken one by one and transplanted one by one to the area where hair loss occurs. In all hair transplantation techniques, hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area in the same way and transplanted to the recipient area one by one.

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Who are we ?

Alfonso Hair Clinic, where more than 12.000 operations have been performed since the day it was established, has more than one reason for you to access the best hair transplantation treatments at Alfonso Hair Clinic, which today offers hair transplantation and aesthetic operation services internationally and has been awarded many awards. We demonstrate our focused approach and impeccable quality at every stage. At the first stage, we diagnose our patients free of charge. Thanks to the vast experience of our professional team and our advanced technology, we perform successful hair, beard, eyebrow transplantation and aesthetic operations and offer other hair loss treatments. We prioritize sterilization and hygiene in our operations.

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By contacting us, you can get detailed information about our clinic, our operational capability and process assurance, our operator doctors and their working principles and procedures and procedures.

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